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Franciscan Saint of the Day


Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac Image: Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac | Relief in Saint Vincent’s chapel in the church of San Carlo al Corso church in Milan | sculpture by Giovanni Pandiani

Saint Louise de Marillac

Saint of the Day for March 15

(August 12, 1591 – March 15, 1660)


Saint Louise de Marillac’s Story

Born near Meux, France, Louise lost her mother when she was still a child, her beloved father when she was but 15. Her desire to become a nun was discouraged by her confessor, and a marriage was arranged. One son was born of this union. But Louise soon found herself nursing her beloved husband through a long illness that finally led to his…Read More


Felician Sisters’ Legacy

St. Joseph Academy Honors Sister Brendan and Felician Sisters’ Legacy
Father Luis Pacheco-Sanchez 
blesses the chapel

St. Joseph Academy in Milwaukee, WI, honored SM Brendan Bogdan, mission leader, on Friday, January 25, her 73rd birthday, together with the Felician Sisters who served and continue to serve at the school and early child care center, the second oldest corporately sponsored ministry of the Felician Sisters in North America.

Father Luis Pacheco-Sanchez, honorary chaplain of SJA, led the prayer service that included a blessing, anointing, and dedication of the newly-refurbished chapel. Approximately 50 participants, including Christina and Steve Jakupi, Sister Brendan’s sister and brother-in-law, braved frigid, below zero temperatures, to travel from Chicago, IL, to Milwaukee to participate in the evening service.
The sign outside the chapel reads:
We dedicate this chapel in grateful recognition of our friend
for the significant impact she has had on all of us at St. Joseph Academy.
We are forever grateful for your wisdom and guidance.
Your gentle way and leadership have left a powerful impression on
St. Joseph Academy.
Time will never erase the work you have accomplished here
and the lives you have positively affected.
January 25, 2019
SM Brendan Bogdan cuts the ribbon 
assisted by Dr. Tabia Jones
President Terry Schweizer offers congratulatory remarks
President/CEO Dr. Tabia Jones offered a welcome to the guests, Felician Services President Terry Schweizer and Dr. Thomas Kiely, SJA School Board Chairperson, offered congratulations to Sister Brendan.
Principal Scott Hanson, Karrie Krueger, a director of the Early Child Care program, and Kim Schubring, resource development director, had roles in the prayer service, dedication and blessing developed by S Michelle Marie Konieczny, director of Faith Formation.
Sisters present included, from L: SM Brendan Bogdan, 
SM Clarette Stryzewski, SM Susan Holbach, SM Beatrice Knipple, SM Rosalie Disterhaft, and S Paula Mary Palasz
Dr. Tabia Jones offers congratulations
Two years ago, Sister Michelle conceived the idea of transforming the former meditation room and sacristy into  a chapel where the Blessed Sacrament could be reserved, individual classes could share in Masses with Father Luis, and children and staff could visit and pray.  She enlisted the guidance and assistance of Dr. Tabia Jones and Dr. Thomas Kiely and led a planning committee to keep the renewal “under wraps and a secret” until all was prepared.
Felician Sisters S Barbara Marie Brylka, SM Beatrice Knipple, SM Clarette Stryzewski, S Paula Mary Palasz,
SM Ramona Dombrowski, SM Rosalie Disterhaft and SM Susan Holbach were present with, of course, Sister Brendan and Sister Michelle.
Following the service, guests enjoyed cake and punch.
The St. Joseph Chapel
The altar

Angela Spirituality Center

After months of waiting, the newly-built $10 million year-round homeless shelter in Pomona, CA, opened its doors to those who need a place to stay.
Sisters and volunteers from Angela Spirituality Center were on hand to welcome the first “pioneers” to the 16,000 square foot facility that is able to house more than 200 people.
Just the day before, residents in the old facility were told that they would have to walk about a mile to the new shelter. But with the dawn came buckets of rain. So vans were called in to transport the group.
S Maria Louise Edwards said, “Our volunteers were ready with sack lunches, warm clothing, and words of encouragement.” City of Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval greeted everyone and personally thanked the Angela Spirituality Center for making a difference these past 10 years.
 To read the entire article in the Inland Valley Daily
Bulletin, click here.
Dr. Andrea White (at center) with SM Therese Ann Parobek at right

The opening of the Pomona shelter coincided with the visitation by

Dr. Andrea White, president of Felician Services, Inc. She jumped right in and was even remembered by those she had met earlier in the week. Sister Maria Louise said, “We joked because someone even asked if she were our new novice.”
Speaking for the Spirituality Center, Sister Maria Louise added, “As she prepares to retire, Angela Spirituality Center would like to thank her for her many years of dedicated leadership, support, and guidance.  It was a joy to spend these days with her, and to be blessed by the light that so easily radiates from her presence.  The spirit of Blessed Mary Angela is touching many hearts and lives because of her dedication. Thank you, Dr. White, for the legacy you are imparting to our Felician Congregation, and for all the ways you have shaped our ministries for years to come.”
From L: SM Therese Ann Parobek, Mayor Tim Sandoval,
and S Maria Louise Edwards
SM Therese Parobek assists Avery Boyd, 25, who huddles herself with a blanket at the newly-opened Hope for Home, 
a year-round homeless services center in Pomona, CA