Catholic Christians are asked to accept much on faith: Trinity, three Persons in one God; Word made Flesh in the womb of a virgin; Resurrection of Jesus from the dead; the real presence of Jesus Christ in bread and wine, Corpus Christi, Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Mysteries beyond human reason, not verified by scientific facts, but accepted by a God-given gift of faith. It is a gift that can be tested by doubt and questioning during one’s lifetime.Monstrance

On this feast of Corpus Christi, the readings remind us that Jesus gave himself to us not as a Host in a monstrance, but as Bread, food to be eaten in order to nourish and transform us. I recall with gratitude a story shared by a priest several years ago. During a Liturgy when members of the province were gathered, the provincial presided. When all the priests had received Communion, a disheveled, probably homeless man who had sat in the back of the chapel, shuffled up. When the priest held up the Host and said “Body of Christ,” the man paused, then nodded and responded, “Could be.” The priest gave him Communion.

In moments when we cannot say “Amen” with strong conviction, “could be” is a sufficient act of faith, acceptable to an understanding and loving God. “Body of Christ,” an infant in a virgin’s womb; “Body of Christ” risen from the dead; “Body of Christ,” the whole of Creation; “Body of Christ,” in bread to be eaten so I, too, can be Christ in the world. Amen! Or on days when faith trembles, “could be.”

Sr. Marie Lucey, OSF
FAN Associate Director

Suggested action:
Reflect on the physical and spiritual hungers of the world. How do you feed them?

Suggested petitions:
That the Body and Blood of Christ may strengthen us to help feed the hungers of the world. We pray…
That our Amen to the mysteries of faith may be strengthened. We pray…

Prayer by Pope Francis:

Being a Christian isn’t just following the commandments,
but means being in Christ,
thinking like him, acting like him, loving him;
it means letting him take possession of our lives
and change them, transform them,
free them from the darkness of evil and sin.