Sister Desire Findlay, CSSF

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If your experience in active ministry is anything like my experience in active ministry, then I am willing to bet you receive a lot of emails too. It’s tempting to delete the ones that look unnecessary and word-heavy – like newsletters and electronic bulletins – but sometimes the Holy Spirit just won’t let you defer to that little trash can symbol. Yesterday the Holy Spirit got me with an Easter message from Sister Roberta Fulton, SSMN, president of the National Black Sisters’ Conference. The Holy Spirit was like, “You should read this,” and I was like, “Fine.”

The whole reflection was beautiful, of course, but I am hooked on one pivotal statement which is already breathing new life into my Easter. Sister Roberta wrote, “Why was the stone rolled back? Some say it was rolled back not so Jesus could get out, but so we could get in and be assured that the tomb of death will remain empty forever.” Different parts of that excerpt may stand out to different people; the whole concept might be knocking your socks off right now; or maybe you already had this awareness and it’s nothing new. For me, I was taken back to a drawing I did at Christmastime.
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