Prayer of Thanksgiving for Mothers and Mother Figures

Most gracious God,

We come before you with thanksgiving for women like:

Eve, a reminder to us that all women are made in God’s image and are stewards of God’s creation.

Jochebed, who was willing to take a risk in order to save her child and share her faith with him.

Louis and Eunice, who raised and shaped Timothy’s life to grow up to become a faithful man of God and an example to others as well.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was willing to trust God and endure the journey to which God called her.

Samson’s mother, an example of how God chooses women to be the forerunners of his message and promise.

Sarah, who demonstrated that when we surrender to God’s will, nothing is too hard and the impossible becomes possible.

The Widow with two mites, who taught us that faithfulness does not go unnoticed by God.

The Virtuous Woman, who in spite of her success, prosperity, and talent, continued to be an advocate for the vulnerable around her.

Rebekah, a risk taker in trusting God’s promise for her son.

Naomi, who remained faithful in times of bitterness and hardship.

Hannah, a mother whose intense prayer for a child received the attention of God.

Elizabeth, a righteous woman who followed the lead of the spirit.

We give you thanks for your motherly attributes bestowed upon us by women who have been faithful witnesses of your love, mercy, compassion, and grace!

Unto you be all glory, honor, and praise.


-Bread for the World