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National Catholic Sisters Week Continues at Pomona Catholic
Students and teachers at Pomona Catholic School in Pomona, CA, came together to paint crosses for the Águilas del Desierto group on Monday and Tuesday, March 11 and 12, their involvement with the sisters for National Catholic Sisters Week.
S Maria Louise Edwards had initiated this project last September (see Update, September 14, 2018) and has continued working with the group. For this activity, she received assistance from Felician Associate Leonard Velasquez in purchasing the materials and assembling the crosses.
S Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay then took the materials and painting supplies to Pomona Catholic where students became involved, helping to paint all 40 crosses.
After explaining the ministry of Las Águilas del Desierto and how the Felician Sisters are connected, Sister Desiré explained the purpose behind the crosses. Mr. Miguel Martinez, teacher and musician at Pomona Catholic, worked with some of his sixth grade students to complete almost all of the crosses during lunch on Tuesday.
Several students also came by to color postcards and write a simple message to a sister. Some chose to include a return address in case a response was possible, but many were happy to send their cards along just to say hello.
Sister Desiré said, “My talks in the religion classes went well on Tuesday. Even with the students who already knew my story, I was able to quiz them on random facts, like where I grew up or how many vows I take. It was fun to see how much they remembered, but also to talk about things at a deeper level, such as the meaning of the vows.”
Students will still have the opportunity to color and send post cards on Wednesday and Thursday, March 13 and 14, since Sister Desiré will be on campus again to speak with students in the remaining religion classes.

PA_SM Evelyn LabikOn behalf of St. Anne’s Home in Greensburg, PA, Mary Dreliszak, director of development and marketing, sent the following:
It’s National Catholic Sisters Week and we’re celebrating our sisters in residence and all religious women internationally with ribbons and gratitude.
Thank you to our Felician Sisters Mary Evelyn Labik, Mary Michelle Shuda, Leah Marie Turberville, and Daughters of Mary Sisters Amala Jose and Rose Therese Nellivilla, for saying “yes” to their vocation and life of service to others.
Thank You, Sisters!