December 4, 2018
During the beginning days of Advent, it is easy to feel
as if Christmas is so far away and an event that
cannot come soon enough. A day we are waiting for
with excitement and often impatience. Today’s
Gospel speaks to me about slowing down, about
being present, and truly seeing and appreciating
Advent for what it is. Yes, it is a countdown to
Christmas, but more importantly it is a time to
prepare. To prepare in more ways than running
around shopping, baking,
and making lists of all the
things you hope to receive this holiday season.
Advent is a time to reflect and recharge and it really
should not be rushed.
When we rush from on
e thing to another, I feel we set too high expectations for that specific day or
event. Then, when it finally arrives and passes, we
realize we still did not truly enjoy it. We were
already focusing on the next thing instead of being
present in the moment. Today’s Gospel phrase that
resonated with me was the following
“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I
say to you, many prophets and kings desired to see
what you see, but did not see it, and to hear what
you hear, but did not hear it.”
To me this is about not trying to do too much or be
something we are not. Advent is a time for
ourselves, but not in a way of greed or selfishness. It
is a chance for reflection or meditation, a moment to
try and see more, do more, and appreciate more. To
try to slow down and not rush so much. It is so easy
to want to get everything done, to control
everything, and have things just how we want them.
Let us use this Advent time to listen to others around
us, to try and see more of life and be more open to
experiences in the moment.
Marian Peters,
Early Childhood
Education, Class of