Advent Reflection from Felician University

Felician University’s Campus Ministry Office and Mission Office are offering Advent Reflections composed by students, faculty, administration, staff, sisters, and alumni.
In today’s Gospel reading, a centurion
approaches Jesus requesting that he heal his
servant. The centurion was an officer of the
imperial army, a man with power and status. He
was begging a favor from a penniless itinerant
teacher, and declaring himself unworthy even to
entertain Jesus in his house. Jesus was
amazed, not merely at the trust of the man, but
at the fact that his love for his servant led him to
cut through all the barriers of rank and race.
Lord, so much of my life is structured by social
conventions and barriers. Give me the grace to
listen to my heart and reach out to those that I
can help.
Not many people could amaze Jesus, but the
centurion does. “I will come and cure him.”
Jesus reveals God’s compassion and shows
that the reign of God knows no boundaries. Not
only Jews, but Gentiles from east and west, are
welcomed by God into the kingdom. I pray to
share God’s breadth of vision.
– Sister Annelle Velivis, CSSF, PhD

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