Congratulations Sister Regina

The occasion was the celebration of Sister Regina Marie’s first profession of vows which took place on Sunday, October 28.

oooIn keeping with the Felician tradition, the evening prior to the profession found the sisters gathered in the chapel for Evening Praise after which SM Christopher Moore, provincial minister, led the sisters in praying the Litany of Loretto. With this prayer, S Regina Marie was dedicated to Mary,  the best example of following God’s will in our lives.

In his homily, Father Sam spoke of the great purpose to which each of us is called and noted that Sister Regina Marie’s willingness to follow Jesus evoked a response in her which is both personal and public: “This response on her part. . . . has been personal, something deep inside her. . .and has led her to this moment when she professes the vows of the Congregation as the way she will make her response public.”

Afterwards came the solemn moment when Sister Regina willingly and confidently professed her vows into the hands of Sister Christopher and entrusted them to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary after which the congregation affirmed her commitment with a round of applause.



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