I saw Jesus on the bus today. He had worked a long night shift, his coveralls a patchwork of sweat and grime; he joked with a coworker in a nearby seat. I saw Jesus again later in the day, as a resident was wheeled into the dining room for the noon meal. And still again, way across town he was struggling with his walker as he was getting ready for a doctor’s appointment. Sometime after 1:00 I saw him taking a nap on a mat in the daycare center. And then, in the campus convenience store, there was Jesus again: a check-out clerk who smiled and wished the college student a good evening. The next time I saw him, he was stuck in traffic (forever construction). His business suit was rumpled and his eyes were weary. And late in the evening as I walked by my neighbor’s house, Jesus sat on the front step, passing the time with an old friend.

When Jesus came to share our human existence, he changed what it means to be ordinary people going through an ordinary day. Each one of us has a purpose and a place in the world. Each of us experiences pain, fatigue, humor, and hope. If we look more intently at the people we encounter, those we care for, the children, the students, our co-workers, on a typical day, we will see who they truly are: persons loved by God. Totally and unconditionally. Regardless of appearance or situation, the woman, man, child before you is brimming with holy possibility. And if you look closely enough, you will understand that you are looking into the very eyes of God.

Morning, noon or night…if we look, really take the time to look, we will see God everywhere. How approachable are we? Do we pass Jesus by? Are we willing to share our experience, strength and hope with those we encounter? Can we take a minute to stop and say hello? It doesn’t take much. And the results could be long-lasting. You may just make someone’s day!

Bottom line: understand that Jesus comes to us in many faces and places, so be gentle out there! Open your eyes. You will see Jesus everywhere. I promise.