The community in Chicago bids farewell to SM Carlotta Myszka 

Several months ago, the sisters of Mother of Good Counsel Convent in Chicago, IL, were surprised to learn of the assignment of SM Carlotta Myszka to the Our Lady Mediatrix of Graces Generalate in Rome, Italy.

Sister Carlotta, will serve there in the role of  hospitality.  She said she views this assignment as the will of God for her and the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

The community honored Sister Carlotta on Sunday evening at supper with the sisters from both MGC and Our Lady of the Angels Convents in attendance. She received a beautiful bouquet of flowers as well as special prayers and wishes.

SM Martha Janysek arrived on Monday morning from San Antonio, TX, to join Sister Carlotta on the flight to Rome. Sister Martha will minister as a cook in the generalate. She shared with the sisters that she had been blessed by so many people in San Antonio and she felt “truly and fully blessed.”

998.jpg The sisters gathered on Tuesday morning to bid a fond farewell to both sisters. SM Samuel Holowacz said, “Chicago and San Antonio’s loss will be Rome’s gain.”