… included in the price of the ticket!

SM Roberta Moser, CSSF
Director of Mission & Values 

A story:

Once upon a time there was a family that lived in Italy. Papa, Mama, Anthony, andis (3) Theresa. For some time they were saving money to come to America, the land of opportunity, the land of their dreams. They scrimped and saved. Even the children helped wherever they could. Finally they had the money for the trip. Papa went to purchase the ship tickets and the family began to pack and get ready. Now their little village was famous for cheese, every kind, all delicious. It so happened that the is (4)villagers gave a big going-away party. They could only imagine that this family had spent all their money on the tickets to America, so as gifts, they prepared cheese sandwiches for the long journey. The party went into the night time hours. The next morning, Papa packed the last of their belongings. Mama took great care in wrapping the cheese sandwiches so that they would last throughout the journey.

The family said their final goodbyes and boarded the ship. When meal time rolledis (1) around, Mama distributed some of the cheese sandwiches. On and on the ocean stretched, no land in sight. Every meal, cheese sandwiches. Breakfast, cheese sandwiches. Lunch, cheese sandwiches. Supper, cheese sandwiches. Anthony was getting tired of it. His belly was full, but he didn’t think he could eat another cheese sandwich. Looking forlorn, he went to his father and complained. His father looked at Anthony with compassion. He dug down deep into his pocket and dug out some coins. “It’s not much, Anthony, but maybe you can walk around and find something different to eat.”

Anthony took off and wandered around the ship. He looked here and there. Up and down. Finally, he came upon a big room with tables filled with all kinds of food. At first he was afraid to walk in, but there was a certain excitement inside him. He went in and saw people eating, laughing and talking. He asked a few questions. And then he ran back to his father. Out of breath, he managed to tell him about what he saw. “And Papa, it’s all included in the price of the ticket!”

Why do we get comfortable and do the same things over and over again without reflection? We are on automatic pilot. Time to step back and realize that there is so much more to being a human being. Make something new. Look around and see how you can nourish yourself and people around you. Be transformed! A life well lived involves reflection, lots and lots of reflection. Oh, yeah, and risk taking…

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