Jubilee Celebration Is One of Praise
The opening hymn of the Jubilee celebration — Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow — was the recurring theme of the day as SM Francine Horos and S Marie Christine Sinkovich gave thanks for 50 years of life as Felician Sisters.
“The disciple,” Father Sam said, “in this case, the jubilarians, are to take on the identity of Jesus and in doing that, she adopts the virtues that Jesus exhibited. These virtues are such that they have to be visited again and again, laundered, if you will, to be worn daily . . . all the time continuing to clothe yourselves in what would make you disappear so that everyone who walked with you would see Jesus instead.”
Father Sam concluded his homily with the blessing of Mother Angela, wishing her daughters “a love that is humble, generous, strong, stable, patient, fervent and constant.” That is, a love that would truly bring about transformation.
S Constance Marie Tomyl, provincial councilor and regional coordinator for the western Pennsylvania area, was the cantor for the liturgy while SM Adrian Jumbelic proclaimed the reading and SM Sharon Iacobucci, local minister, offered the prayers of intercession. The liturgical celebration concluded with the traditional Holy God, We Praise Thy Name.
As the day came to a close, Sister Francine and Sister Christine were indeed grateful to God for His many gifts and look forward to the second 50 years as new opportunities to give praise to Almighty God for the many gifts and blessings that He has bestowed upon them.