‘This Is God’s Work’

 ‘This Is God’s Work’
Approximately 45 sisters participated in the San Damiano Discernment Gathering that took place at Mother of Good Counsel Convent in Chicago, IL, from June 30-July 1.
S Carol Zinn, SSJ, led the sisters in opportunities to pray, reflect, dialogue, and dream together. Very present in the room was an acknowledgement of the wisdom women in the Felician community, sisters who continue to demonstrate a disposition of surrender, pioneering, and commitment to God’s will.
Comments offered following the weekend regarding What touched us? included: “We really do care about one another; we are more comfortable with each other; there is a comfort and ease in speaking with one another.” “We truly love community life; we want to be in relationship with each other.”
Regarding, What do we want to remember?, the sisters responded:  “We are not alone; the togetherness – we have fears but they will not stop us; we are in this process together.” “This is God’s work; our work is to trust God. God journeys with us.”

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