Felician Presence in Enfield

Continuing to Celebrate 85 Years of Felician Presence in Enfield
During the month of May, the physical plant crew at Our Lady of the Angels Convent in Enfield, CT, manicured the Felician plot at St. Adalbert Cemetery in Enfield and planted a variety of flowers to add color and joy to the eye.
At the end of the month, individual groups of sisters visited the gravesites of our beloved deceased sisters to recite the rosary and to express gratitude to those who spent their lives faithfully witnessing to the charism of Blessed Mary Angela.
SM Rosalma Fish said, “It was a special time to acknowledge that we are standing on the shoulders of those who went before us.”
On Tuesday, June 12, sisters honored the living and deceased provincial ministers of the former Our Lady of the Angels Province:
MM Annunciata Bretschneider, 1932-1946
MM Catherine Bembenek, 1946-1953
MM Laura Sentkowska, 1953-1963
MM Viterbia Dyka, 1964-1970
MM Landeline Ptasienski, 1970-1976 and 1982-1988
S Bernarda Mary Jarosz, 1976-1982
SM Lawrence Lojko, 1988-1995
SM Laureann Alexandrowicz, 1995- 2007
SM Bernardine Mucha, 2007-2009
As a sign of gratitude and deepest respect, potted geraniums were placed on the gravesites of six deceased provincial ministers. At breakfast, SM Lawrence Lojko, SM Laureann Alexandrowicz and SM Bernardine Mucha received a plant with a note of gratitude for their leadership service for the members of the former province.
From L:  SM Laureann Alexandrowicz, SM Lawrence Lojko, and 
SM Bernardine Mucha

Sisters, friars, and associates gathered for a special concelebrated Mass honoring the living and deceased provincials of the former Our Lady of the Angels Province. A framed collage of the pictures of the former provincials that was on display in the sanctuary during Mass was later moved to the main dining room.

Father Peter Lyons, TOR, was the main celebrant and homilist during the Mass of Thanksgiving. The focus of his homily was the importance of dedicated leaders who encourage, promote, and articulate wisdom and hope in the minds and hearts of all members. Sister Lawrence, Sister Laureann and Sister Bernardine, the three living provincial ministers, presented the gifts at offertory.
The sisters of the former Our Lady of the Angels Province readily expressed their love and respect for those women who served as leaders on the way to imitate Jesus and Blessed Mary Angela.
“It was a special opportunity to express love and gratitude to those who dedicated their energy for the good and welfare of all,” reflected Sister Rosalma.

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