Let’s hear it for:

  • Being passionate and determined
  • Building a positive place in which to work
  • Providing great service: every person, every interaction, every time
  • Enabling those in our care to live full, happy lives
  • Lending a helping hand
  • Treating everyone with respect and compassion
  • Always doing the right thing for the right reason
  • Spreading cheer and goodness like fairy dust
  • Taking a risk to be your most authentic self
  • Knowing full well that excellence happens on purpose

One comment

  1. Where do you show caring and compassion to your own sisters?? Or is it only the sisters that you feel are worthy of your love? I still feel that you need to take a good look to see what family means. And you need to take out the part of the vow formula that you take the congregation for your family, because you do not treat each other like family.
    I was away for 9 months and no one even cared that I was gone. I got no welcome back to my community, not even a sign on my door. My local minister did not even welcome me back. It was all just business as usual.
    Yes this was years ago now, but I still wonder why I was not good enough.

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