Mission Matters


SM Roberta Moser, CSSF

Back in May I happened upon a donated copy of TIME magazine. The issue highlighted the 100 Most Influential People in the World. I was struck by how few names I actually recognized among the pioneers, leaders, artists, titans and icons. The list is not a measure of power, though many on the list wield it. Nor is it a collection of milestones accumulated. Here are a few statistics: forty-five on the list are under forty. And while we remain far from gender parity in global leadership, there are more women than ever before on this year’s list. (Proof that there are ways of changing the world beyond traditional power structures.) It is noted that influence increasingly knows no single zip code and no minimum age. These 100 come from all walks of life, all parts of the planet.

In order to be on this annual list, a candidate and his or her life should answer the question: Was this their year?

Watched the news this week. A five year old, wearing a super hero cape, was spotted giving Burger King sandwiches to homeless folks. This is what he said, “Giving homeless people sandwiches is the highlight of my life.” He stole my heart. (Burger King has since agreed to give him free sandwiches to distribute.)

Got me thinking. Have I ever done anything to make a list “Was this my day?”

Being “mission bearers” means that we are called to offer service from the heart. Any and all service.

There’s a story: During the evening hours a male housekeeper was mopping floors in a hospital. He was approached by Joint Commission surveyors who surprised him by asking him what his responsibilities included. He smiled and said, “I cure cancer.” Surprised, they continued. “What? How can this be?” The guy proudly proclaimed, “I do what I do best, so others can do what they do best.” Wow! He gets it! He goes about his night doing what often goes unnoticed. He’s good at it and he knows it. I nominate him for the “list.”

After all, as Gino Bartali, a champion Italian bicyclist once said, “Good is something you do. Something you don’t talk about. Some medals are pinned to your soul instead of your jacket.”



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