Blessed Virgin Mary

ffOn May 1, the sisters at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent in Livonia, MI, met in the chapel for Evening Prayer.

After the prayers were recited, SM Cynthia Ann Machlik, organist, played “O Mary, we crown thee…” and SM DeSales Herman, a 70th jubilarian this year, carried the pillow with the crown of tiny pink roses up the aisle and placed it before the aaafeet of Mary.

S Joan Marie Shillinger said it was lovely and the sisters were happy that they were able to participate in this annual event.


Madonna University Celebrates Mary, Queen of Poland

On May 3, in celebration of the Feast of Our Lady Queen of Poland, Madonna University held its annual May Crowning during the campus Mass in the University Chapel, with Father Charles Morris as celebrant.

Sister Frances Pham carried the crown and then Sister Hien Ho placed the crown on the statue of Mary, our Madonna.

Following the crowning, faculty, students, staff and guests placed red and white roses in the vases by the statue, as everyone sang Bring Flowers of the Rarest, accompanied by S Mary Ann Smith.

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