Chicago Sisters Celebrate


>From L:  : SM Corinne Wrobel, SM Margaret Narloch, SM Leanne Hartmann, SM Ursula Myszka, S Josephine Mary Roche. Seated, SM Cecilia Maczko 

The sisters of Mother of Good Counsel and Our Lady of the Angels Convents in Chicago, IL, celebrated Jubilee Day on Saturday, May 5, with SM Margaret Narloch observing 75 years; SM Cecilia Maczko, 70 years; SM Ursula Myszka and SM Corinne Wrobel, 60 years; and SM Leanne Hartmann, 50 years.

S Josephine Mary Roche, BVM, who resides in MGC, also celebrated 70 years with the group.

Sister Ursula said that the Eucharistic celebration with Father Warren Rector, OFM, as celebrant, and Peter Knippel as organist, along with the congregation of sisters, brought the gift of consecrated life to a grateful offering.

The offertory hymn summarized their vocation as Felician Sisters when the congregation sang: “Christ is the center of our lives …living the challenge as bearers of light.”

xxx.jpgFrom L:  SM Lois Gajewski, SM Barbara Ann Bosch, SM Ursula Myszka, S Barbara Marie Brylka, SM Corinne Wrobel

Following the Mass, the sisters, along with the Jubilarians, joined in a festive meal, prepared by Morrison Food Service, in one dining room. The meal was topped off with a special treat of assorted pies from Bakers Square and the celebration culminated with the opening of gifts.

The celebration of Jubilees continued in Chicago on Sunday, May 6, as five sisters celebrated 60 years as Felician Franciscan Sisters.

These sisters–SM Ursula Myszka,

SM Barbara Ann Bosch, S Barbara Marie Brylka, SM Corinne Wrobel and SM Lois Gajewski–expressed gratitude to God in song and prayer.

At the Eucharistic liturgy with Father Bernard Kennedy, OFM, as celebrant and Father Warren Rector, OFM, as concelebrant, the sisters were joined by the community of sisters.

In his homily, Father Bernard, reflecting on the readings, said, “Jubilee is a time to give thanks and to remember how faithful God is, and we have stayed connected to our Beloved as Best Friends Forever. Today all of us

are chosen and challenged to become Friends of Christ who will walk with us and who stays with us.”

Following the Mass, the 60th Jubilarians enjoyed a festive brunch with the Core Team and community of sisters as they shared memories of years past..


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  1. Wonderful memories of the Felician Sisters from grade school in the 1960s. Breaks my heart not to see them in habits. Compromise with the world and embrace of lay attire is a sure sign the order is dying. The young and traditional habited orders are exploding with vocations. Incredible how the habitless orders don’t understand that and reverse course. WAKE UP FELICIANS !!!!!!!!

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