April 18th – Rome 1993

His Holiness John Paul II officially recognized Mother Angela for her outstanding virtues and life of holiness by elevating her to the elite corps of the Blessed on April 18, 1993   Following this official public act of the Church, the number of persons seeking her assistance in prayer has continued to grow.

While there is no doubt that God works miracles through the intercession of a Blessed or a Saint that can be explained by science, Church authority, however, will approve a cure as miraculous only if the science of medicine can find no explanation for it. Many people are involved in the beatification and canonization processes including witnesses, church authorities, the Postulator and other individuals.  A major responsibility of the Postulator is to prove the existence of the holiness of the person who is being considered for sainthood.  The Postulator fills a role like that of an attorney representing his or her client in court.  Many issues and concerns are investigated and the paper work is extensive, but the Postulator must always be faithful to the truth and be at the service of the whole Church and Community.


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