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The Felician Sisters began the process of canonization of the venerable servant of God, Mary Angela Truszkowska, in 1949. The opening of the preliminary process of inquiry into the life and reputed holiness of Mary Angela began on October 29, 1949. The different stages of investigation occurred between 1949 and 1982. One of the stages of the investigation is the Process of Inquiry into alleged miracles

The Diocese of Buffalo had the privilege and responsibility of participating in an investigative process when it became apparent that a miraculous healing may have occurred to one of its faithful. The Process of Inquiry into the alleged instantaneous cure of Lillian Halasinski in January 1984 through the intercession of Venerable Servant of God, Mother Mary Angela, took place from February 10 to August 15, 1986 in Buffalo, New York.

Lillian Halasinski, a life long resident of Dunkirk, New York, was introduced to Mary Angela Truszkowska by Sister Mary Leocretia Laskowski. Sister Leocretia regularly visited Mrs. Halasinski in Brooks Memorial Hospital and brought her communion. During one of her visits, she told Lillian about Mary Angela, gave her a picture and encouraged her to pray to Mary Angela. According to Lillian, she prayed to Mary Angela every day from that time on. On January 4, 1984, Lillian sat in the living room of her home in Dunkirk crying from the extreme pain and praying for relief. It was at that time that Lillian felt the presence of Mary Angela, experienced a beautiful sense of quiet and peace, and suddenly was well.  (more)


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