Christ is Risen!

1Christ is Risen! Alleluia! Let us rejoice and be glad! There is no other news on earth that could bring such gladness to our hearts. All through Lent we were preparing to receive this joyful news. My heart and my thoughts this Lent were focused in a unique way on the Stations of the Cross. I had the privilege of designing them and painting them. Now during Lent they were produced in glass/metal and are hanging in our new small chapel at the Generalate. They have been placed on a large piece of wood that was the desktop at our Chapter Hall. It carries within it the joys and the pains of many General Chapters. When designing the Stations of the Cross I had in mind the whole Blessed Trinity. God the Father and God the Holy Spirit looking down at God the Son with great love, as He suffered and died on the cross for us all. The whole Blessed Trinity was involved in that act of supreme love. My whole Lent was spent on reflecting on that tremendous love of God for me a sinner, for all of us sinful people. God’s love is total, overwhelming and overflowing.

2It is this love that enabled the suffering and death of Jesus to be transformed by His rising from the dead. Now we can see His outstretched arms, with the marks of the nails still visible, reaching out to all of us. He is calling us to Himself with love. He surrounds us with love. He delights in us. He cries out, “Come to me all who labor and are burdened”. Let us go into His resurrected arms with joy. It is there that we are embraced by the whole Blessed Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. While in that embrace I cannot fail to remember that our own Blessed Mary Angela is already firmly in God’s embrace in heaven. We celebrate in April the 25th anniversary of her beatification. We rejoice in that gift confirming her holiness. We await with expectation her canonization. Thus, we continue to pray that in God’s goodness a miracle would occur through her intercession so that very soon we can pray to St. Mary Angela. Let us continue to trust that in God’s goodness and in His time this will occur. In the meantime let us all rejoice. Let us rejoice in Blessed Mary Angela. Let us rejoice in Jesus, who is risen from the dead. Let us rejoice in the glorious, enormous, overwhelming love of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

In the Immaculate Heart,

SM Celestine Giertych Minister General

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