February 10th

blessed-angela_000A Message From Blessed Mary Angela:

“…it is good from time to time to reflect upon what is happening in the depth of one’s soul.”

Selected Writings, Volume 3, Part 1, p. 31

Story of Miraculous Healing

On Wednesday, January 31, PCHS Alumna Monique Guillory Casas Gray spoke to the combined high school and middle school to share her miraculous story of healing through the intercession of Blessed Mary Angela 25 years ago. S Julianna Francis M Vagnozzi explained that although this case did not meet the criteria for a miracle by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the story is still remarkable.

She said, “For 40 minutes, the students and teachers sat in rapt silence as Monique shared what happened to her that night in February 1993 when she was six months pregnant and an aneurysm burst in her brain.

Monique shared the many incidents that occurred that night–how she was able to awaken her husband as the aneurysm burst, that she was able to get to a hospital in ten minutes, and that her baby was never in distress throughout the ordeal. A CT scan revealed that all four ventricles of Monique’s brain were full of blood, which led to the diagnosis that she was brain dead. She was placed on life support for the sake of her baby, but not given any other treatment.

On the third day of being on life support, two Felician Sisters brought a third class relic of Blessed Mary Angela to the ICU. The only place they could pin it was to the hem of Monique’s hospital gown. The only part of Monique they could touch were her feet as they prayed the canonization prayer, “God, our Father, . .” requesting Blessed Angela’s intercession for this young woman. As they prayed, one sister reported that they felt a presence enter the room which whispered to her, “Nickie will be fine.”

At that, Monique, who had been declared brain dead for three days, sat up and declared that she was thirsty. All of the alarms on her monitors began to go off. The family saw the medical team rush into Monique’s room and they believed that she had died. At that point, one of the sisters went out to the family to relate all that happened.

Monique was kept in the hospital for three months until she delivered her baby. During this time, she was kept on morphine, vicodin, and phenobarbital – all addictive drugs.

She was told that these drugs had most likely affected her fetus and she should expect her little girl to be born addicted and brain damaged. As soon as the C-section was performed, little Cassandra Marie was whisked away by the neonatal team. “They performed every kind of test,” Monique testified, “but they didn’t find a drop of drug in her system.”

Monique enjoined her listeners to “find what God wants you to do with your life.” Monique shared that she had been an accountant “because I wanted to make a lot of money.” After her experience of healing, she realized that wasn’t why God had given her this second chance, which she refers to as “my second birthday.” She went back to school to become a nurse, but found that she was drawn to teaching.

Currently, Monique teaches sixth grade in a public school in Ontario, California. “I may not be able to talk about religion, but I can give witness with my life.”

All attendees were offered a holy card and medal of Blessed Mary Angela. Sister Julianna said, “Monique was very touched by the few students who came up to her afterward and asked for her autograph.”

As a Felician Associate, Monique continues to promote Blessed Mary Angela whenever she can.


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