Journey in Faith as Pilgrims and Strangers

Journey in Faith as Pilgrims and Strangers


As sisters walked into the meeting room of the Holiday Inn Chicago North Shore in Skokie, IL, on Friday morning, October 20–the first day of Provincial Assembly 2017–they were struck by the artistic depiction of “Clare’s gate,” created by SM Francis Lewandowski, CSSF

“Once St. Clare left the gate of Assisi behind, her life could never be the same. The gate became a place where profound transformation could begin as God led her to a future she could not see.”

The symbolism of Clare’s gate … making the conscious choice to pass through the gate, Clare “grasps not merely the reality of the physical gate, but all that the gate stands for in terms of the new life she is entering.”

I will always keep in my heart deep love and gratitude for the
American province . . .
–Blessed Mary Angela to Mother Mary Monica Sybilska,
September 10, 1884

The sisters experienced the power of their prayer together as they joined in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Friday morning and pondered what they, the Felician Sisters of North America, are called to be or do in response to today’s needs.

The future is ours to create with God’s grace and our cooperation.



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