Special Tribute around North America

So sings Tevye in the musical  “Fiddler on the Roof!”

MI_SMTevye explains, “Because of our traditions, everyone knows who he is and what God expects him to do.”

And so the beautiful age-old tradition of the crowning of Mary, Queen of May, Queen of all hearts, began as SM Ursula Dzienis, 75th Jubilarian, and SM Honoria Bartoszek, 70th Jubilarian, carried a fresh flower crown and placed it before the statue of Mary in Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent Chapel in Livonia, MI.

Guests attending the Haiti meeting in Livonia, including SM Christopher Moore, provincial minister, and council members SM Geralyn Mroczkowski and S Janet Marie Adamczyk joined in singing the hymn: “O Mary We Crown Thee with Blossoms Today.”

SM Josella Cushion, sacristan, later placed the delicate crown on Mary’s brow.


CT_MayIn his 1965 encyclical Mense Maio, Pope Paul VI identified the month of May as an opportune time to incorporate special prayers for peace into the traditional May devotions.

Today our world is still in great need of peace; and so, we pray.

Felician Sisters and Franciscan Friars assembled before the image of Mary on Monday, May 1. The event marked the May Crowning of Mary in Our Lady of the Angels Convent Chapel, Enfield, CT.


PA_MayAs the community sang, the hymn to Mary echoed throughout the chapel: “On this day, o beautiful Mother, on this day, we give thee our love….Queen of Angels deign to hear …our humble prayer.”

S Carol Marie Saladin carried the wreath of flowers, and S Frances Marion Bonczar crowned the statue of Mary.

Reflecting on the gathering, SM Bernardine Mucha said it was “an opportunity to reflect on Mary’s role in the history of the Church and in our own community.”

The sisters at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Convent in Coraopolis, PA, assembled in the chapel for the annual May Crowning ceremony this morning.

The exposition of the Blessed Sacrament set the tone for the solemnity of the event. Together, the sisters prayerfully and reverently prayed the Rosary, honoring Mary with the Glorious Mysteries. The last mystery recalls Mary being crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Once the sisters prayed the last decade, S Rosemarie Tumicki had the privilege of crowning the Blessed Mother with a crown of delicate pink and white roses as the sisters sang the hymn “Hail Holy Queen.”

SM Cabrini Procopio said, “The sisters appreciated the simplicity and beauty of this ceremony honoring Mary as our Queen and Mother.”

S Theresa Marie Klimek reflected that “This was the most beautiful May Crowning ceremony . . there was so much energy from the sisters as they knelt in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.”


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