Felician Generalate Undergoes Dramatic Transformation

The sisters of the Generalate community in Rome, Italy, began making preparations for the renovation of the Generalate as of July that included the collection of cardboard boxes from various stores, and the ordering of large rolls of bubble wrap and rolls of tape of various widths. The date for the start of construction originally set for September 1, was moved to October 1,


SM Renee Kurczaba, local minister, explained, “Sister Angela helped in many areas of the house and became the ‘Bubble Wrap Master.'” She added, “If you came upon her while she was busy wrapping, you might find yourself wrapped up as well.” Sister Angela was often assisted by Sisters Maureen Cecil and Maria Uche, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ. Sister Angela even presented these sisters with a “Bubble Wrapping Diploma”.

The sisters who were home during that time began packing up materials in their areas of responsibility and carefully labeling boxes. There were many challenges to emptying out half of the building and one of them was the regular breakdown of the elevators.

One day, while riding the large elevator loaded with trunks, Sister Renée and Gabriella Ianieri exited the elevator on the T floor when they noticed that the elevator did not stop on the S floor as it should have. The “ghost” elevator then continued on without them and carried the trunks up and down between the various floors until the power was disconnected.

But work could not be slowed down while waiting for the repairman so, when both elevators broke down at the same time, the sisters slid the mattresses down the stairways.


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