Advent – Week 1


1Lectio Divina a way of praying as you journey with us during this Advent Season.

What is Lectio Divina?  Simple explanation and guide for anyone, beginner or experienced “prayer”.  There will be daily posts on the reflection page for those who may wish to follow along.  The prayers are taken from various sources.  May your journey through Advent bring you closer to Our Lord by reading the scripture of the day.  May the Holy Spirit be your guide.
Step one – reading the  Word of God, slowly and reflectively..
Step 2 – think about the text we have chosen and  take from it what God wants to give us.
Step 3 – simply let our hearts speak to God. This response is inspired by our reflection on the Word of God.
Step 4 –  We simply rest in the Word of God. We listen at the deepest level of our being to God who speaks within us with a still small voice. As we listen, we are gradually transformed from within.

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