Thanksgiving Prayer for Peace


Thanksgiving Prayer for Peace

Source of all creation, giver of life, mother and father of mercy and of justice,

We call out, to the one who has crafted our diversity

Grant us peace.

Enlighten us, to know that in separation, we find not safety but only alienation.

That in exclusion, we do not strengthen but only diminish ourselves.

Grant us peace.

In this time, we remember those who live under the oppressive weight of violence.

We remember the women, men and children whose lives are shattered by wars.

We lift up those who are targets of devastation and those who are its perpetrators;

In our schools, in our hospitals and clinics, in our orphanages, homeless shelters and refugee camps;

in our prisons, detention centers, our mechanisms of incarceration,

In our cities and rural communities, in our workplaces and centers of commerce, in the halls of power and houses of worship,

Grant us peace.

May we have the courage to walk humbly,

The wisdom to love mercy,

The strength to show compassion,

Remembering that the only victory that endures is the one in which no one is defeated.

We offer up our thanks and praise to the One who has formed us in all our difference, that we may know and love each other,

With many names in many languages and through many ways of knowing we say with one voice,

Grant us peace.

May it be so. Amen.

Adapted from Pastor C. Lynn Hopkins, Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving wishes and prayers from the Felician Franciscan Sisters!!!

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  1. would be nice to know who these sisters are by name. Lots of beautiful pictures with no names as to who is in the picture.

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