Fidelity over Circumstances

Fidelity over Circumstances

“The Lord is not God of the dead, but of the living.” (Lk. 20:38)

The Gospel this week is a strange account of two different viewpoints. Is there eternal life or is this all there is? Does what I do today count? The answer is yes, there is eternal life and what you do today shapes your life for eternity! For those who believe in Christ, we find it troubling that life could just be about what we do today. But as you know, this discussion still goes on today in our families and in society. How many times have we heard from friends and family the argument “Why would God allow this to happen? Why do good people get hurt? Why is there war and why do people go without basic human needs?”

On the weekend before our national elections, I am sure that we are all tired of the questions that we have been seeing and hearing for weeks about this person or this policy. So God’s Word today calls us to see things for the long range game and not for short term solutions.

Fidelity in difficult times is based upon our firm belief that God is in control of all circumstances, in spite of what we think and in spite of what we might see and even not see.

I remember being at a self help group and hearing in someone’s sharing of their struggle, “It was not the end of the world, it was just the end of my trying to control life.” The readings this week remind us that even our greatest fear, Death, cannot and will not have the last word in the human story.

So know this: we will all survive the results of this election in spite of the ads, the arguments and political discussion that has surrounded us for months. So take a breath and get on living and believing that our God is Faithful. For we are called to do His work on earth.

Br. Paul Crawford, OFM Cap
FAN Board Member

Suggested Action:
Say a prayer this week for an open heart the courage to allow God to work in and through you.

Suggested Petitions:
For all Christians, may we find the love in our hearts necessary to forgive, we pray…

For peace in our minds, peace in our hearts and peace in our world, we pray…


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