A Reason to Celebrate and Give Thanks

Meet the New Novices

The postulants arrived at Mother of Good Counsel Convent in Chicago, IL, their hearts full of thanksgiving both for the upcoming ceremonies and for revisiting the convent where they first met in January 2014 during a discernment retreat.

As with all good things, the weekend began with a retreat on Saturday, August 13, allowing the postulants to take a step aside and spend their last full day as postulants with the Lord.

In the evening, the community gathered once again after supper to celebrate the Rite of Initiation for postulants Michele Curry, Lauren Gault and Regina Garofalo. As Lauren so eloquently said, “The loving guidance of Mary, our Mother, was felt, her smile of joy shining down upon all, as we were lovingly accepted even more fully into the Felician Community.”


From L: S Regina Marie Garofalo, S Petrina Marie Gault, and S Michele Antoinette Maria Curry


From L: S Michele Antoinette Maria Curry, 

S Petrina Marie Gault, and S Regina Marie Garofalo

Regina reflected, “I think I am glowing! I feel so blessed and excited to be taking the next step on this journey. The Rite of Initiation and the Mass were both beautiful. I cannot stop smiling.”

So that they would be mindful of their new way of life, during the ceremony, each postulant received a habit.  To remind the novices that they are now destined for a new mission in life and to assure them that God’s plan would be fulfilled in them, they received new names.  Michele Curry will now be known as Sister Michele Antoinette Maria Curry; Lauren Gault as Sister Petrina Marie Gault; and Regina Garofalo as  Sister Regina Marie Garofalo.

SM Christopher Moore, provincial minister, presented the novices to SM Jeanine Morozowich, director of novices, exhorting her to lead these sisters, with the assistance of the Mother of Jesus, closer to her Son.


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