A new beginning


S Danat Marie Brysch, vicar general, S Anna Maria Zabieglik, secretary general,
and SM Celestine Giertych, minister general, are welcomed to Kipsing

The general visitation of Kenya is over and the visitators returned to Rome on Monday, July 18. S Anna Maria Zabieglik, secretary general, shared the following information and photos from the visitation.

Not very far from the highest mountain in Kenya, in the land of the Samburu tribe, which is similar to the Massai people, a new house of the Felician Congregation was established.
It is a challenge to travel there. No cars can be seen around Kipsing except the mission vehicle, a police vehicle, and occasionally the government food relief car.
The road goes through the land with no road, up and down the dry rivers, stones, bushes and such, and you see the giraffes, camels, gazelles, and, if you are lucky, elephants and many other animals. It is very hot and dusty. The travel seems to never end.
Finally, you see some human habitation. The manyattas (settlements). The Samburu are nomads, their homes are built of sticks, covered with rugs, and plastic sheets. When need be, they take all and move to a new place, usually with a better pasture for their animals.
The sisters are all Kenyans, but this place is so different from what they are used to. The language of the people is unfamiliar, their customs, their diet–consisting of milk and cow blood–strange to them.
The women wear about 5 kg (approximately 11.5 lbs) of beads on their necks and never take them off. Their dress, a red piece of cloth.
They came to welcome us with songs and gifts. We only smiled to each other. But the sisters found an interpreter, so the speeches followed, with the young lady translating what both sides have to say.

Two sisters are working in the mission school, two are pastoral workers. This is a place of the first evangelization. They will have a lot to do. Their bishop is happy and says that all the people have the right to know Christ, to have access to education.

Please, keep the four sisters in your prayers, as they work in harsh conditions, far away from home.

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