Celebrate Mary

Our Lady of the Star —–June 1[Aquileia, Italy]
Our Lady of Edessa —– 2 [Asia Minor]
Our Lady of Sasopoli —– 3 [Italy]
Our Lady of the Hill —– 4 [Lombardy, italy]
Our Lady of Haut,  Hainault, France —– 5
Institution of the Nuns of the Visitation of Our Lady
by St. Francis de Sales —– 6
Our Lady of Marienthal —– 7 [Germany]
The Immaculate Heart of Mary [Novus Ordo]
and Our Lady of Alexandria, Egypt —–June 8
Our Lady of Montorello, Italy
and Our Lady of Ligny, Lorraine, France —– 9
Our Lady of Cranganor —– 10
[India: the Church was built by one of the Three Magi.]
Our Lady of Esquernes —– 11 [Flanders]
Apparition of Our Lady to St. Herman —– 12 [France]
dedication of the Church of Our Lady of Sichem —– 13 [Belgium]
Our Lady of Arras —– 14 [France]
Our Lady of the Taper —–  15 [England and Wales]
Our Lady of Aix la Chapelle —–16 [Germany]
Our Lady of the Forest —– 17 [Brittany, France]
Appearance of Our Lady to St. Agnes Montepulciano —– 18 [Italy]
Our Lady of Monte Senario —– 19 [Florence, Italy]
Our Lady of Consolation —– 20 [Luxemburg]
Our Lady of Matarieh —– 21 [Cairo, Egypt]
Our Lady of Narni —– 22 [Italy]
Our Lady Justienne at Carthage —– 23
Our Lady of the Rosary [Our Lady of the Cape] —– 23 [Canada]
Our Lady of Clos Evrard —– 24 [Trier, Germany]
Divine Motherhood of Our Lady —– 25 [Declared at the Council of Ephesus, 431.]
Our Lady of Meliapore —– 26 [East Indies]
Our Lady of Perpetual Help—–June 27
Institution of the Angelus of Our Lady —– 28 [Europe]
Our Lady of Buglose —– 29 [France]
Our Lady of Calais —– 30 [France]


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