Sometimes it is important to look beyond dry statistics
and schematic thinking, to look with the eyes of an
innocent child for whom the whole world is the source
of un-extinguished fascination, charm and beauty. I asked
children from our Felician preschool if they knew what
I meant when I said the words, “God’s creation.” They
were surprised that I asked them this question. They
responded: “All that God loves and created, little spiders,
huge dinosaurs, elephants and whales and … the human
being are all precious creatures of God and ALL that
God gave life to is sacred and we cannot harm it.”

forest lawn-319.jpgI reflected on their response. How is it that even though
children understand the value of LIFE on the earth,
there is so much hatred, and so much human activity that
destroys our environment?

Let us try to rediscover in ourselves the Spirit of St.
Francis and preserve the innocent outlook of a child,
despite the consumerist attitude of this world. Having
a Franciscan heart will allow us to fulfill our mission of
protecting and respecting all life born on our planet.

Our Lady of Czestochowa Province
Przemysl, Poland


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