Thursday Fourth Week in Lent

IMG_3454God our Creator made us and gave us the earth and all
within it to take care of. If the earth and all within it
could talk what would it say? Or is it already telling us,
but we do not listen?

Is the earth saying “Thank you” for all we have done; or
would our waters cry out “what have you put into our
systems that is killing the fish and making our waters
toxic?” The air, and land, and animals of the earth are
asking similar questions.

Some people hear the cry of earth through observation
and research and answer with an apology and a promise to
change and to help others see how they are hurting their
friend, the earth, water and air.

Others spin into denial: those oil sands, toxic waste, our
need for an instant and disposable life style have no effect
on the environment!

God, our creator, gave us the earth to
care for and to care for us.

What is one action I can do in my
daily life to help take care of God’s

Our Lady of Hope Province
Tulita, Northwest Territories,


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