Wednesday Fourth Week of Lent

Let us protect Christ in our lives, so that we can protect
s, so that we can protect creation.(Pope Francis)

Imitating Mary and Joseph
We protect Christ,

From violence and aggression,
By prayers, action and forgiveness.

This is the call of our vocation.

Standing up for the voiceless
With reverence and respect
Brings dignity and protection,
To Christ present in one another.

God’s creation,
Air, water and land,

Is the gift we must protect.

Water is

Exploited for profit,
Polluted by greed,

And destroyed by fracking,
Causing global poverty and wars.

All have a right to water.

Christ gives us living water.

A water of justice and love,
Available to all who ask for it.

With this gift comes accountability to
Protect God’s people and all of creation.

How does the “living” water that Christ gives us
help us in the protection
if God’s creation and each other?

Our Lady of Hope Province
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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