Tuesday Fourth Week of Lent

Peace for the whole world divided by violence related to
incorrect exploitation of the earth’s resources.‘ Peace for our Earth.(Pope Francis)

Let us carry peace . . . Let us make our world more beautiful; let us care for all creation, and let us be the witnesses of love. Is Love loved today? Whom or what
should I love to make the world the image of paradise?
Saint Francis knew how to live the life of love, although this way of Francis may appear strange for our times. How do I call creation “brother” and “sister” when it is
normal in today’s world to smother the human being next to me by gossip and lies? How? Sister water, are you not the image of God’s beauty? Water … humble, pure and good; source of life, source of purification in baptism, source of mercy of my Lord on the cross. Water is for the weary wanderer. Give us, Lord, love for the world; let us see Your face in it.

May peace and all good abound to the ends of the earth. Let us be witnesses of peace by the humble use of the gifts that are not our own, but are given to us by God.
As water hollows the rocks, so may we make a path for all our brothers and sisters. Let us give them to drink. Jesus allows us to drink from the Source of Living Water
each day. Should not a bride be like her Spouse? Lord, give me humility and purity. Teach me to give, not only to receive. We desire to be poor for the Lord with the
poverty that can put an end to the imprudent use of nature and exploitation of its resources. We want poverty that destroys in us the attitude of consumerism; poverty
that renews the earth and the human heart.

Lord, what should I do to be a witness of your peace?

Immaculate Heart of Mary Province
Krakow, Poland




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