Monday Fourth Week of Lent

Respect for creation is if immense consequence,not least because “creation is the beginning and foundation if all God’s works” and its preservation has now become
ential for the pacific coexistence if mankind(Pope Benedict IV)

With St. Francis, let us invite all creation to speak to
us of God. May we honor God’s presence in earth,
sea and sky. As a young woman, Blessed Mary Angela
heard God’s voice when she shared respite with her
father in the mountains. In her later years, she cultivated
flowers to adorn the altar for the worship of God. She
experienced and. celebrated God’s presence in the beauty
of the natural world.

May we praise God for the world with which we have
been blessed. May we care for the earth and use the
gifts of creation responsibly. Let us work to protect
our natural environment and its inhabitants from
degradation and destruction. Let us delight in God’s
goodness all around us.

Do I take time to find God in the beauty
and wonder of creation?

How do I care for creation?

Our Lady of Hope Province
Buffalo, New York


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