Fourth Sunday in Lent



Whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.
(John 3:21)

Lent is a very significant season whereby all Christians
are reminded of the origin and the destination of their
calling. It is a time of finding our way back to our Creator
by the gratuitous and unlimited love of God. It is time
to reflect on the death of our Lord as a manifestation
of God’s love to humanity. It is a moment of accepting
to be reconciled to God and to the other members of
the community. However, it is through this insistence to
change our wrongdoings that we are converted and thus
saved by the love of God. It is a time of journeying to
freedom, a journey that is long and toilsome.

It is a time to die to our selfishness and stop missing


onion, garlic, and cucumber like the people ofIsrael, but
learn to trust in God as we forge ahead to our destination.

As we look forward to Easter, we need to remember that
our victory of life must be made manifest in our lives
through our deeds.

How do I celebrate the victory of life (Easter)
my daily involvement with others?

Our Lady the Queen of Poland Province
Warszawa, Poland I Embu, Kenya


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