The grandeur of Our Lord’s speech was always calm, profound, and embracing both the temporal and the eternal, both man and God. Jesus was always filled with
sweetness and gentleness in His life, in His talk with Nicodemus and the woman of Samaria, when faced with the wiles and snares of hostile Pharisees. To walk in the
way o fJesus is to manifest the truth that He came to end all violence.

Why do some people behave violently and others stay connected to their compassionate nature under even the most trying circumstances? One can defuse tension
and create accord in the most volatile situations by just changing the way one speaks. Our words have power to create profound healing or incredible suffering. Yet, even with the best intention, it is often difficult to express ourselves in ways that build harmony and trust.

Nonviolence means allowing the positive within us to emerge and be dominated by love, respect, understanding, compassion and concern for others, rather than the self- centered, selfish, hateful, and aggressive attitudes that dominate our thinking. We must be conscious of the beauty within ourselves and other people. We should try to communicate with compassion, foster mutual respect and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Each day in the morning as we begin our Office we make bbbthe Sign of the Cross over our lips and pray, “Lord, open my lips and my mouth will proclaim your praise. ”

How do I live this prayer throughout the day?

Our Lady of Hope Province
Rome, Italy



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