Friday Third Week of Lent

Violence is not merely killing another.

It is violence when we use a sharp word,
when we make a gesture to brush away a person
(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Most often we associate violence with physical injury and
ily, often deadly harm. Yet, words spoken in anger and
insult and messages set forth by offensive body language-
can inflict violence on others. Perpetrators of verbal violence
often recognize that what they resent in others comes from
a diff
iculty in admitting the same reality also lives in them.
(The Dialogue for a Spirituality of Nonviolence – R. Lynch, OSF and
A. Richard, OFM)

John Dear, Jesuit priest and peace activist, defines
violence as “that act of forgetting or ignoring who we
are: brothers and sisters of one another, each a child of
God. Violence occurs when we forget and deny our basic
identity as God’s children, when we treat another as if we
were worthless instead of priceless …. ”

Do I find myself critical of others with the same
weaknesses I have?

Do I often hurt others with my words?

Our Lady of Hope Province
Buffalo, New York


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