Thursday Third Week of Lent

thursdAll of us know that we should not use violence in our
language or in our ways of communicating. However,
how often do we do it and why?

Whenever I reflect on violence used in the language and in the manner in which
we communicate, I become aware of the weakness or
even helplessness of the person speaking and I wonder … why?

Let us analyze the way of thinking presented be- low in order to understand
the why?

I am weak I am afraid! What am I afraid if? That others
will discover my weakness? So what am I doing? I am
pretending that I am strong
. How? I use violence ... why? So
others will think that I am stronger than they are. What am
I getting out of it? Apparently
, calm because others are afraid
of me and stay away from me
. How does this influence my
life? I feel safe because close to me is no one who can discover
my weakness but at the same time I feel discomfort. What is
the outcome of it? I am alone and again I am afraid

However, a very different approach is possible!

I am weak I am afraid! What am I afraid of? That others
ll discover my weakness. So what am I doing? I give my
oblem to Jesus. He is the one who strengthens me and in
him, I can do anything. Therefore, I am not afraid. I am able
o love!!!

May all of us fully trust Jesus!

Our Lady of Czestochowa Province
Przemysl, Poland



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