Reflection on the Third Sunday of Lent

Healing  by  Father Bob Chorey

3rd Lent…Brokenness and Healing

A friend of mine recently went through a difficult time.  He was feeling attacked by people.
In a lot of pain, he asked me why are people so mean?


I am 50 years old, and have been a priest almost 14 years, and I think I have never really encountered a truly evil person.  What I have encountered are broken people, and that includes myself.

Broken people, for whatever reason, who tend to imgres-1continue to let themselves be hurt, and in turn cause hurt to others. Often without conscious intent, but it becomes a habit.
Broken people who insist on having things their own way.
Broken people who are angry all the time.
Broken people who run from one relationship to another, to another…
Broken people who turn to chemicals, shopping, gambling to dull the pain.
Broken people lie, cheat, gossip…sound familiar?

There is healing, there is liberation from our brokenness.  The healing is found in Jesus Christ.  Our own personal healing is found by an encounter, daily, with Jesus Christ.


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