“Forgiveness is the best revenge.”

“Forgiveness is the best revenge.” I
try to practice this in my personalIMG_3454
life, especially when falsely accused,
slandered, wrongly judged,
condemned; when denied the dignity I deserve. I keep on
smiling as though nothing
happened; however, I feel dead
inside. What is supposed to
be a virtue is probably seen as
an act of weakness on my part
Never mind! I am even able to
pray for my “persecutors.”
However, it happened to me; the evil was directed towards
me and I tried to turn the other cheek. Yet, what
if my mother died due to malpractice? What if a drunk
driver ki1led my brother? What if something real1y evil
touched those whom I love? To tell you frankly, I do
not know how I would react.
People are exiled. Children suffer rape and violence.
Hunger and sickness caused by injustice kill thousands,
and many people seem not to even notice. Suppose, I
am one of those named above. In the safety and comfort
of my room) I will never understand the magnitude
of repaying good for evil. To break the chain of injustice
is easy on paper. In reality, I pray that this will
become a test of my being a Christian. I wish I could
promote peace in the world around me. Am I able to
respond to evil with good? I can only say, “I try”
pray that God will help me.

S Anna Menre Zabieglik
Our Lady the Queen of Poland Province
Warsaw, Poland / Rome. Italy


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