Saturday after Ash Wednesday

Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth  .(Psalm 86:11)

Scripture Isaiah 58:9b-14; Luke 5:27-32

Lord God, you love me unconditionally as you have said so many

times in the Scriptures.

Today, however, in the first reading you are telling me you will

answer all my prayers, and be present to me if I live and walk in

your truth. You are putting conditions before me. If you remove

oppression . . . if you bestow bread on the hungry. . . and many


What is truth? Knowing who I am before God, nothing more,

nothing less, an integrated person.

The Gospel reminds me of Jesus calling me, a sinner like Levi to

live a Felician way of life. I live a simple, joyful, honest, humble,

compassionate life. I am called to be Eucharist, Sister, Servant to

all. To become the person Jesus wants me to be I must lead a life

of sacrifice saying No to myself and Yes to Jesus. What better

time than this Lenten Season.

Who are you called to be? What kind of life do you live?

Lord God, help me to be firm and steadfast. . . (Joshua 1-9)

I have put my trust in you, O Lord; therefore,

I will not be put to shame. (sw Vol. III, 57)

Sister Mary Florence Pelczynski, CSSF


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