Please pray with us as we pray for you …

Angela, you were moved by the plight of

neglected children, women, the sick, the

homeless, the aged, the illiterate,

immigrants, victims of war, and all who did

not know the love and mercy of God,

Pray for these people in our world today.


Angela, you suffered from government

opposition and political oppression,

Pray for all enduring the same today.

Angela, you bore the cross of severe

deafness for many years,

Pray for the deaf and all who are

physically impaired.


Angela, you knew feelings of depression,

darkness of soul, and abandonment by God,

Pray for those suffering emotionally and



Angela, you were sensitive to the

weaknesses of human nature,

Pray for those struggling in their

commitments to God and others.


Angela, you patiently waited many years for

the Church’s approval of the Congregation,

Pray for those who are losing faith in the



Angela, you spent many enjoyable hours

cultivating flowers for the altar,

Pray for all who cherish the earth.

Angela, you endured a long and painful

death from cancer,

Pray for those suffering terminal



Angela, you we

re on fire with love of God

and zeal for the salvation of all people,

Pray for us that we may ever cooperate

with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the



Angela, you are Foundress and Mother of

the Felician Congregation,

Pray for all who share in your spirit,

mission, and charism; may they inspire

others to follow God’s call to ministry in the



Let us pray:

God, our Father, you graced Blessed Mary

Angela with a living faith and a boundless

love which she manifested in complete

surrender to your divine will. By her prayers

and witness may we strive to seek, to

accept, and to fulfill your will in all

circumstances of our lives. Grant this

through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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