Reality Check for Labor Day

What is the current unemployment rate in your town or city? How does this compare with your church? (Statistics can be found online at

God allows us to work in creative and life-giving ways. We participate in the creative work of God. How do you express gratitude for your ability to work?.

What is the difference between a minimum wage and a living wage? Do your parishioners understand this distinction?

What is wage theft? Does it affect people in your parish? 60% of nursing home workers have had their wages stolen

Almost 50 percent of all day laborers (construction) have had wages stolen

100% of poultry plant workers have had their wages stolen

How is our sacramental life affected by our work and sense of dignity that comes from being able to provide for basic needs?

How does this contribute to our gifts for the common good?

Who in your community is most directly affected by growing inequality?

How can you and your parishioners support the businesses that honor the work of their laborers? Do you know the company leaders?


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