Walking in the footsteps of Blessed Mary Angela

fffParticipants in the Ongoing Formation Pilgrimage walked in the footsteps of Blessed Mary Angela on Tuesday, June 30. Beginning with Mass celebrated at the altar of her relics, they walked throughout the house where she lived her last 29 years–Immaculate Heart of Mary Provincial House in Kraków–on a tour guided by SM Alina Płoszczyca, provincial superior, learning about her, especially in the room she occupied there.

The sisters spent the remainder of the morning in the church with Mother Angela and before the Blessed Sacrament. After dinner, they walked to the Museum of Blessed Mary Angela on Mikołajska Street where SM Błazeja Kowal presented a very informative conference on the “Providential Events in the History of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix as a Sign of Finding the Evangelical Treasure.”

SM Bernarda Rokosz described specific items displayed throughout the Museum.

S Melanie Marie Bajorek said, “In the room with Blessed Mary Angela’s personal items, Sister Bernarda opened the display case to give us the opportunity to kiss Mother Angela’s habit, a special privilege which was a moving experience for us.”

SM Joela Gospodarek, local minister, provided refreshments. After joining the sisters for Evening Prayer in the chapel, the pilgrims enjoyed a pizza supper with them.

Sister Melanie said, “We are very blessed to be living in this provincial house these days, absorbing Blessed Mary Angela’s spirit.”


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