Felician Sisters show support

The day after the tragic incident in Charleston, SC–June 18–SM Johnna Ciezobka and SM Susanne Dziedzic participated in an ecumenical prayer service at Mt. Zion AME Church in Kingstree, SC.

According to Sister Susanne, a diverse group of people met to offer prayer in a very somber and solemn service.  Black and white Williamsburg County residents joined hands in the main aisle at the conclusion of the service to unite their minds and hearts. This is what is happening across the state.

For your information, Mayor Joseph Riley, who has served for 25 years as mayor of Charleston, is a Catholic, well-loved for his leadership in a state whose population is just under 4% Catholic. An active parishioner of the Cathedral Parish, Mayor Riley’s leadership has handled these events with God’s grace. Sister Susanne said, “This warms our hearts.”

She continued, “This week, as the funerals are taking place, we received a message that on both sides of a major highway– 41/#51–citizens will line up for the passing of the cortege with one of the victims, state representative Clementa C. Pinckney, through Johnsonville, SC, located about 90 miles from Charleston. This is reflective of what is happening all across the state. These are actions of solidarity, justice and peace, respect for human dignity, compassion, and transformation. Pray for and with us for South Carolina to be healed.”


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