Felicians Honor Mary

The sisters residing in Immaculate Heart of Mary, Blessed Mary Angela and St. Francis Residence Convents gathered in the chapel on Friday, May 1, for Evening Praise.

After the reading and response, SM Patricia Tomasik, celebrating her 60th jubilee, wheeled SM Maxine Kaminski, celebrating her 70th jubilee, up the middle aisle. Sister Maxine carried a small pillow with a crown for the Blessed Mother statue in the front of the champpel. The sisters sang Marian hymns while Sister Patricia placed the crown on Blessed Mother.

Evening Praise continued with the sisters singing the traditional Magnificat. Later that evening, another crown was privately placed on the larger statue of the Blessed Mother in the chapel. It will remain there throughout the month of May.

. . . in Livonia, Michigan . . . 

Evening llPraise ended at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent in Livonia, MI, and the strains of O Mary, We Crown Thee with Blossoms Today echoed from the walls of the chapel.

SM Emelita Makowski and SM Elaine Machlik, celebrating their 75th jubilee, slowly walked down the chapel aisle and placed a crown and a basket of flowers at Mary’s feet. According to SM Cynthia Ann Machlik, this ceremony has been repeated through the years, and sisters anxiously wait for the first day of May to honor Mary as Queen and Mother.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, SM Josella Cushion, sacristan, placed the fresh crown of delicate flowers on Mary’s head and then arranged the basket of flowers at her feet.

. . . in Lodi, New Jersey . . . 

The Annual May Crowning Service took place at Immaculate Conception Convent Chapel in Lodi, NJ, on Sunday, May 3, at the concluuusion of the morning celebration of the Eucharist.

Father Joel Szydlowski, OFM, chaplain, presided over the prayer service which included the brief coronation ceremony. Several people joined the sisters for this ceremony.

Chosen by a “holy lottery,” SM Juanita Arnister crowned the statue of Mary. The crown bearer, also chosen by a “holy lottery,” was  S Alexandra Marie Kolat.

Both sisters said they felt privileged to have a significant role in honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The crowning took place during the hymn Bring Flowers of the Fairest. The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the singing of the traditional hymn Serdeczno Matko concluded the service.


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