“Year of Consecrated Life,”

To celebrate the “Year of Consecrated Life,” SM Marcine Borowiak and SM Joanne Suranni invited the 8th, 9th and 10th grade students from the parish’s religious education program to visit St. Aloysius Convent in Buffalo, NY.

Once they arrived, the sisters engaged the students in a team building experience that stimulated discussion on characteristics necessary to be a good husband, wife, religious sister, brother or priest. Students were further challenged to examine themselves for those characteristics.

The young people have occasion to observe the services of the priests in the parish. Although there are four different communities of sisters ministering at St. Aloysius, there are limited opportunities for interaction with them. This convent visit allowed for Sister Marcine and Sister Joanne to explain the vocational call to prayer and service and how the profession of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience differentiates the religious from the call of all Christians. The sisters also shared their own personal call to religious life.

Sister Joanne also entertained the students in a Bible Face Off with Felician paraphernalia as prizes. The evening concluded with a tour of the convent and a prayer service.
We plant . . . God waters and brings forth the fruit.


Even before the clock chimed 2:30 p.m., visitors and family members lined up to attend the Open House for Consecrated Life at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent in Livonia, MI.

Responding to the gentle call of our Holy Father Francis to Wake Up the World, invitations and posters were distributed to neighboring parishes, surrounding communities, and of course, family members, to “visit with Felician Sisters who have touched your life and learn more about how the sisters minister today.”

Boths, staffed by Felician Sisters and associates, lined the red hallway. A wealth of materials and handouts greeted the visitors, who also paused at a continuous video presentation on Felician ministries in Michigan.

SM Elaine Machlik watches as a visitor signs the guest book

Sisters of all ages were positioned at various posts and aided the groups as they walked through designated areas. A short history of the Felician arrival in America and several interesting details about the construction of Villa St. Felix greeted the visitors in the chapel area. Many interesting facts were shared on the renovation of the main altar.

Of special note were the simple bouquets of spring flowers for several sisters who “touched lives so many years ago” as family and friends visited their favorite nun.

A group of Chaldean Sisters from Farmington, MI, and brothers from St. Francis Friary joined in the festivities.

The “walking tour” of more than 200 people ended in DeSales Auditorium where young and old alike enjoyed cookies, pastries, coffee and punch, and listened to other presentations on the television screens.

The afternoon came to a close with the visitors joining the sisters in chapel for Evening Praise.

This historic moment in time could not have run so smoothly without the expertise of SM Francis Lewandowski and her staff, SM Angela Parkins, local minister; SM Margaret Kijek, S Rita Marie Vondra, S Felicity Marie Madigan, S Grace Marie DelPriore, SM Juanita Szymanski, Felician associates, and the many Felician Sisters who accomplished a great job with real teamwork.


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