Lumen Gentium Award

SM Martha Janysek was honored as the Lumen Gentium Award recipient from St. Margaret Mary Parish in San Antonio, TX, on February 2, the feast of the Presentation. Honorees were greeted and thanked by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS.

The Lumen Gentium Award was initiated by Archbishop Gustavo to honor deserving lay people who are deeply devoted to and actively engaged in their parishes. However, according to SM Angelee Kowalik, Father Jimmy Drennan, pastor of St. Margaret Mary Church, felt that a Felician Sister was deserving of this award and decided that Sister Martha should receive it.

All of the Felician Franciscan Sisters of San Antonio attended the evening presentation at St. Dominic’s Church.  Joining representatives from the 143 parishes were: SM Angelee Kowalik, S Jane Mary Gawlik, SM Ellen Sturm, and S Dorothy Ann Mary Moczygemba.

Sister Angelee said, “It was a lovely ceremony, with each recipient receiving a lighted taper and a certificate of recognition.” This ceremony was incorporated in an Evening Prayer Service.


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